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How Our System Works

The perfect system for commercial laundries and laundromats that spend more than $4,000 per month on water. Most systems pay for themselves in only 10 to 24 months.


New Wave Industries has been saving customers in the Professional Vehicle Wash Industry millions of gallons of water annually with PurWater water reclamation systems for nearly 10 years. Now New Wave Industries introduces its PurWater Laundry Recycle Systems to save water and energy for OPL’s and Industrial Laundries.  In some cities, like Chicago, a $4000 water bill could skyrocket to over $9,500 in the next 5 years!  Click here for details.


PurWater Laundry Recycle Systems utilize ozone, one of nature’s most powerful oxidants, in the treatment of recycled water. Ozone improves disinfection, and destroys organics and bacteria in the wash water so that it can safely be reused in the washer without affecting wash quality.

Return on Investments in 10-24 Months

logo-purwaterA PurWater Laundry Recycle System will treat and reuse the majority of the wash water that would normally go down the drain.  This not only significantly saves on your incoming fresh water demand, but also greatly reduces the amount discharged to sewer. You will see a significant savings on your water and sewer bills immediately. Most of our customers want to see less than 24 month ROI, and this system delivers that!

Savings-Chart2Local / State government agencies and Utilities may offer rebates or credits for the installation of a PurWater Recycle System to help offset initial equipment costs. Coupled with the above operational savings, a PurWater Laundry Recycle System makes both economical and ecological sense!

Our Company

LaundryH2O is proud to introduce The PurWater™ Laundry-Care H2o Recovery System.

With vast knowledge and experience in the Laundry World, LaundryH2O has partnered as a premier reseller for the Purwater Laundry-Care H2O Recovery System.

The PurWater™ Laundry-Care H2O Recovery System (patent pending), manufactured by New Wave Industries, Ltd. of Sacramento, CA, is engineered to capture, filter and reuse the wash water, reducing the Operators’ demand for fresh water and minimizing effluent discharge. As a result, operators’ effectively reduce water/sewer costs by as much as 65% without negatively impacting wash quality and increasing their bottom-line. The PurWater™ Laundry-Care H2o Recovery System is environmentally friendly and generates a typical Return on Investment in 10-24 months.

The patent pending PurWater™ system utilizes industry proven time tested components. With more than 20 years experience in water treatment and 5000 water systems installed throughout North America, New Wave industries has the solution.

The high quality PurWater Laundry-Care H2O Recovery System is all of the following:

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Fast Return On Investment
  • Built to Last for Decades
  • Saves Money Every Month
  • Versatile to Fit Any Facility

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